Nilai-Nilai Pendidikan Agama Islam Telaah Buku Tujuh Mualaf yang Mengharumkan Islam Karya Tofik Pram


Most Muslims are not familiar with Islamic heroes with the status of converts who have important contributions in the spread of Islam such as America, Russia and Britain and Hungary. This research is a type of library research with an Islamic psychology approach. The data sources of this research are divided into two, namely primary data in the form of the book Seven Mualaf Who Makes Islam Compassionate and secondary data in the form of books, theses, articles, newspapers, newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and journals that are relevant to this research. documentation with reading and recording techniques. Observations in this study include the type of non-participant observation. documentation is used to find data related to the object of research. The data analysis technique uses content analysis techniques with the basic techniques of applying interpretation (interpretation). This technique consists of: data reduction (data reduction), data presentation (data display), and drawing conclusions (verification). the validity of the data using theoretical triangulation. The results of the study concluded that in the book Seven Converts that Make Islam proud, there are values ​​of Islamic religious education including the educational values ​​of i'tiqadiyyah, khuluqiyyah and tabligh. The relevance is that it is a role model for converts that can be imitated by today's young generation, and prevention efforts caused by gadgets such as apostasy, laziness, stupidity and bad morals. The novelty in this study is to reveal the da'wah education carried out by converts from the western world which so far have not received the attention of the Muslims themselves

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