Urgensi Revolusi Mental dalam Pendidikan Islam

  • Sigit Tri Utomo STAINU Temanggung
  • Luluk Ifadah STAINU Temanggung



Term The mental revolution is now familiar to the public. Mental revolution is often conveyed by various political elites and even various circles and stakeholders. This trait has become flesh in various elements of society. Included in the Islamic world the mental revolution was echoed by His Majesty when he received the first revelation. Mental revolution in Islamic education is very important, this is because with the mental revolution there is a movement to optimize each of the potential students they have.

The data collection method in this research uses literature study. In this stage, the researcher tries to select data (books) that are relevant to the urgency of the mental revolution in the world of Islamic education. In this writing, the analysis used with hermeneutics, namely the author explains that behind the text there is context meaning or behind the explicit meaning there is an explicit meaning if interpreted literally can be interpreted as an interpretation or interpretation. This method step is intended to capture the meaning, value and purpose of the urgency of mental revolution in the world of Islamic education. Then the authors also use synthesis analysis means the stages of an object of scientific study that connects an articulation of meaning with one another meaning which is then discovered by a new articulation of knowledge in the form of the urgency of a mental revolution in the world of education. The author also uses content analysis, namely research conducted on information documented in recordings, both images, sounds, writing and others. With this method data analysis and processing will be carried out scientifically about the contents of the writings of the urgency of a mental revolution in the world of Islamic education.

The results showed that the mental-spiritual revolution and social revolution. In the view of M. Quraish Shihab, al-Qur'an is the first book known to mankind that talks about social laws. Change in a new society can occur when two basic conditions are met. First, there are values ​​or ideas. The first condition has been taken over by God Almighty. through the guidance of the Koran and the explanation of the Prophet, although its nature is still general and requires details from humans. Second, there are actors who adjust to these values.

The second condition regarding the perpetrators, they are people who live in a place and are always bound by the laws of society established by God. There are two kinds of changes with two actors. The first actor is Allah who changes the blessings that He bestows on a society or whatever is experienced by a society, or say, the outside / outward side of society. Whereas the second perpetrator is a human being, in this case the people who make changes on their inside or in the terms of these two verses mâ bi anfusihim (mental attitude). Changes made by God must be preceded by changes made by the community regarding their inside (mental attitude). Without this change social change is impossible.

Keywords: Mental Revolution, Islamic Education


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