Manajemen Qolbu dalam Perspektif Psikologi Islam

  • M Musrifah STAI Brebes
Keywords: Qolbu Management, Islamic Psychology


The phenomenon of life in the era of globalization or referred to as the generation of millennia, the authors know of the existence of competition for life, both in the upper and lower classes, both in institutions, institutions, and the general public. The problem is that unfair competition can create a moral / ethical crisis, an understanding of religion. In line with the problem, the writer will examine the management of qolbu in an Islamic perspective. With the aim of knowing the nature of Qolbu management and Islamic psychology, as well as how the commitment of Qolbu management is in Islamic psychology. One of the basic commitment in managing qolbu is one of them is through religious education as a foundation concerning the whole human being, he not only equips children with religious knowledge, or develops children's intellect and does not fill and nourish religious sentiments, but it also involves comprehensive self-personality of children, starting from daily practice exercises, which are in accordance with religious teachings, both of which, concerning the relationship of humans with God, humans with other humans, humans and nature, and humans with themselves. This study uses a qualitative library research research approach. The data used use primary and secondary data, the analysis used is using content analysis.

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