Integrasi 9 Nilai Utama Gus Dur dalam Pembelajaran Karakter di SMK NU Tenggarang

  • Daris Wibisono Setiawan SMK NU Tenggarang
Keywords: Integration of Gus Dur’s 9 main points,, character education


The goals of this study are to (1) explain how is the education management in SMK NU Tenggarang; (2) describe the integration of Gus Dur’s 9 main point    in the learning system at SMK NU Tenggarang; and (3)  describe the constraints faced in the implementation of the Gus Dur ‘s 9 main points. The study uses a qualitative research approach that requires a depth of appreciation in the interaction between concepts or in-depth analysis of the concept relationships  studied empirically The results of the study indicate that; (1) Integration of the Gus Dur’s 9 main points strongly support the implementation of strengthening  character education at schools according to the expectations of the Indonesia nation, (2) Integration of the Gus Dur’s  9 main points  must be synergistic between the school and the active role of the student’s parents, (3) Integration of Gus Dur 9  main poins is much easier  to implement by synchronizing the curriculum, and (4) the school principal of SMK NU Tenggarang and the teacher must continue to make smart solutions in grading up Gus Dur’s 9 main points. On the other hand, the implementation of  Gus Dur’s 9 main points  in the  learning  system at SMK NU Tenggarang experiences several obstacles including; (1) diversity in the point of view on the essence of respecting diversity, (2) low student literacy, and (3) lack of parental support in supporting Gus Dur's 9 main points ​​integration program.

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